Development of a restructuring concept for an international automotive supplier

We were commissioned by the financiers of an international automotive supplier with the external plausibility check of the corporate planning. In addition, the future viability of the business model was to be evaluated against the background of the electrification of the automotive powertrain.  This was to be followed by a restructuring report and concept as the basis for a comprehensive restructuring agreement between all stakeholders. agreement between all stakeholders. 


  • Independent business review and development of a restructuring concept based on a holistic analysis of the company and the market environment
  • Development and implementation of turnaround measures in addition to operational support at the sites in Germany and the USA
  • Stakeholder management, e.g. vis-à-vis financiers and customers who made considerable contributions to the restructuring process
  • Expert role during the restructuring period
  • Preparation of a 2nd restructuring report in the context of the sale to a family office

Result / Success

Successful stakeholder management (>50 financiers, 5 OEMs) enabled comprehensive restructuring agreements to be concluded. Liquidity was secured and the company was maintained despite market-related crises, with the implementation of comprehensive restructuring measures in particular being instrumental in overcoming exogenous crises. Financing was extended and customer contributions continued.

The group of companies was subsequently successfully sold to a family office. 

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