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The development of a comprehensive and actionable strategy and the alignment of the entire organization to it are essential prerequisites for sustainable growth and value creation of your company. 

We support you in the development of your corporate as well as your functional strategies. In doing so, we assess the market potential, validate customer needs and support you in building your bespoke business model. From this, we deverive and detail an actionable strategy and support you in its implementation. The way we conduct the strategy process ensures the commitment of all relevant stakeholders.

In a trusting collaboration, we develop sustainable solutions for your organization.


We Support You With Our Following Services:

Growth strategy

You aim to proactively shape the future of your company and the markets you operate, in order to drive growth and profitability. Together with you, we look for targeted growth areas in your current as well as in adjacent markets. We have developed a sound and proven methodology to systematically scan and identify opportunities. We evaluate these according to attractiveness, strategic fit and feasibility. From this, we derive the most promising growth initiatives for your company and detail them in an actionable strategy. We support you in the organizational development required to implement the strategy. A compelling growth strategy ensures the alignment throughout the organization and lays the foundation for a successful execution.

You and your team gain clear guidance for an effective growth path.

Sales strategy & offensive

You aim to increase the impact of your sales force and achieve higher market penetration. With an appropriate sales strategy and the optimal sales initiatives derived from it, you target your existing and potential customers more effectively. This leads to improved sales performance with corresponding top-  and bottom-line  growth. Together with you, we analyze markets, your customer portfolio, existing sales activities, tools used and create transparency about margins, profitability and resources employed. With this knowledge, we identify the appropriate levers for your sales activities, define new target customers and the necessary resources. We support you in the implementation.

This enables you to drive growth in those markets, with those customers and with those products that generate the highest margins.

Market & Customer Insight

You aim to get a better understanding of market characteristics, competitive settings and customer needs, to anticipate market changes and to exploit business potential.In-depth insights of market characteristics as well as of customers needs form the foundation for successful market development, new product launches and effective customer acquisition. Market analyses, market due diligence, interviews with decision makers as well as surveys of customer needs allow for a clear understanding of market potential as well as of concrete customer benefits. They show how you can differentiate yourself from your competition, reach new segments with product developments and generate greater customer value.

Our proven and structured approach, combined with our industry know-how and practical experience, enables you to explore hidden potential and create value for your company.

Organizational Development and Change Management

We support you in developing your company in the dimensions of leadership, organization, processes, workforce and change management. Our services range from sharpening the organizational purpose, developing the right operating model, designing a robust leadership organization, clarifying accountabilities to empowering your employees.

We create a common understanding of the desired organizational model and support you in its implementation. Through targeted and considerate project management, combined with tested change concepts, we ensure acceptance and commitment to enable a successful organizational growth.

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