Product vision & scouting

In product vision & scouting projects, we create new product visions or find new business areas based on your strategy and company-specific starting position.

For product vision, innovation is the main motive. The focus is to better understand customers and user groups and their needs in existing markets and to create innovative solutions based on this.

In new business opportunity (scouting) projects, the main motive is diversification. New markets, applications and ultimately business areas are developed based on technologies and/or core competencies.

Your questions:

  •  What are the needs of our customers and what ideas for products and services (product visions) can be derived from them?
  • How do we create new ideas for products and services from a technology or market trend?
  • What could be the next or a complementary product in the range?
  • Where could we use our competencies elsewhere to create a new business pillar, area, or model?
  • How can we reduce a dependency?
  • How can we proceed systematically in a customer-oriented, agile process and create important bases for decision-making?

In challenging and usually very open initial situations, we lead the process, working on content and in an interdisciplinary team. We use agile processes and integrate the client's team. This always results in consolidated decision bases, which usually lead to a preliminary project (product development) or a business development project. 

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New Business Opportunities (Scouting) 

We use a semi-agile process to find new business opportunities. This allows us to find the hits from the branches of a wide range of business opportunities and applications.

Our process:

1. The first step is to understand and evaluate the capabilities and possibilities of your company. In addition, the requirements for a future business field are roughly defined.

2. We then use the search profiles to define the first promising markets. Our specially developed industry catalog is used for this purpose.

3. In the next step, we search for ideas for new business opportunities and applications in an agile process and outline business models. The focus here is on acquiring new insights with little effort and separating the wheat from the chaff.

4. Finally, we develop business models for the identified business opportunities and design an implementation plan. 

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New business opportunities


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