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Owner Representation & Consultation Real Estate

We offer professional consultation and support with your building project, and track costs, scheduling and quality in a variety of roles while representing your interests. We remove the uncertainty from your project and stress from your work, and offer a variety of construction, organizational and project-specific skills.

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Owner Representation & Consultation Real Estate

Project management and owner representation

  • Overall project supervisor for the builder in the role of a line manager
  • Regular reports to the builder
  • Contact for planners, contractors and third parties

Owner advisory and owner support

  • Provide support to the general supervisor for the builder as an independent field office
  • Share tasks with the project supervisor
  • Project coordination and administration
  • Monitoring the schedule, performance and cost
  • Service provider acquisition
  • Energy and technical consultation
  • Facility management during planning and construction
  • Investment, operation and lifecycle costing
  • Layout optimization
  • Integral testing and acceptance
  • Project quality management

User and operator representation

  • Manage and coordinate the builder’s users and operators
  • Create document and implement all user and operator requirements (stakeholder management)
  • Maintain user and operator organization
  • Moderate conflicts over goals

Building information modeling (BIM)

  • BIM consultation and strategy
  • BIM requirements specification
  • Procure BIM services
  • BIM quality assurance
  • BIM manager for the builder

Quality assurance (QA)

  • Project audits and reviews
  • Risk management
  • Project-related quality management (PQM)
  • Building side controlling
  • Monitoring quality, permits and troubleshooting
  • Second opinion
  • Status reports

Owner Advisory Infrastructure

As consultants to builders, our services are based on a joint understanding of your concerns and challenges. Our experience, expertise and communication skills are leveraged for the success of your project. As a builder consultant, we accompany you through every phase from strategic planning to start-up. In addition, we also advise you on the preparation of studies, guidelines and expert opinions. This requires, next to an in-depth expertise and experience, also a target-oriented itemization and formulation. 

Our independence is a guarantee of objectivity. We are laying solid foundations for the political debate and provide support for the related argumentation. With guidelines, the target state and process can be described for the standard case. We help you with this and working together, consequently increase your efficiency in the planning and construction process.

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Owner Advisory Infrastructure

Organization and processes – How do I structure my parent organization?

  • Outside perspective on organization and processes
  • Identification and implementation of process optimization potential
  • Introduction or revision of quality management systems

Project initialization and structure – The kickoff is decisive

  • Project structuring and analysis of challenges
  • Definition of procedural and decision-making capacity
  • Proposal of scheduled changes to the structural organization over the project phases
  • Organization of suppliers, contractors, operators and users

Project consultation – Never lose the overall perspective in the midst of a project

  • Outside perspective on cost sharing between contractors and suppliers
  • Project reviews: Site finding based on a systematic framework and identification of recommended strategies
  • Second opinions on documents submitted for services, construction work or deliveries
  • Second opinions on planning results and follow-up by service providers companies or suppliers

Studies – The foundation for decision-making

  • Traffic infrastructure – rail and road
  • Energy production – nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, alternative
  • Energy transmission – electricity, district heating, energy, natural gas
  • Water and power supply
  • Waste disposal– energy from wastewater and resources from garbage

Report – An independent perspective

  • Expert opinions for courts regarding compensation
  • Insurance reports regarding compensation

Guidelines – Enhance efficiency with standards

  • Technical and professional guidelines
  • Procedural guidelines and instruments

Owner Representation Infrastructure

By assuming jointly defined tasks, we offer support to builders independent of the project phase. Whatever the task, our interdisciplinary team shoulders your responsibilities in accordance with your needs. Our targeted relief allows you to address more time to strategic tasks.

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Owner Representation Infrastructure

Project management – Freeing up builders

  • Foundation laying and project definition
  • Project manuals
  • Creation and management of project cockpits
  • Monitoring schedules, performance and costs
  • Risk and quality management | Management of meetings and open issues
  • Contract management

Procurement – Assemble the dream team with an independent coach

  • Services (including competitions)
  • Sole contractor procurement
  • Framework agreements for mixed contracts and deliveries

Project Management Infrastructure

Direct management of projects for builders, builder representation and general construction manager are three of our primary services. We assume managerial tasks in accordance with your needs.

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Project Management Infrastructure

Project management for builders – The client’s control center

  • Coordination between buyers and builders
  • Define and manage decision-making and escalation processes
  • Provide communication resources for the project and involve third parties
  • Management of project engineers and site managers
  • Management of lines of participation and complaint handling

Owner representation – Outsourcing operative tasksn

  • Fine-tune project success and quality factors through early stakeholder involvement
  • Consensus building, active problem-solving

General construction manager – Effective key to implementation

  • Coordination and management of site managers
  • Contact with responsible agencies and third parties
  • Risk and quality management / Contract and follow-up management
  • Accounting and cost control

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