Building Services Engineering

We offer professional consultation and planning for all facets of building services. Together with you, we determine your individual requirements and resolve complex issues and planning tasks. You receive tailored consulting or planning services that considers all relevant functional, economic and ecological parameters.

Energy supply strategies

  • Status assessment of current energy supply systems
  • Identification of customer-specific needs (ecology, cost and functionality)
  • Drafting of requirement specifications including assessment criteria and occupational safety needs
  • Evaluation of alternatives in terms of investment, operation and lifecycle costs with regard to energy efficiency and CO2 footprint

Building services: Heating, 
air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and automation

  • Classic planning according to SIA during all project phases
  • Specialist coordination (spatial coordination and technical coordination)

General building planning with 
a focus on building services

  • Identification and documentation of customer requirements including all stakeholders
  • Management of the planner team over all social impact assessment (SIA) project phases
  • Reporting to the client with key performance indicators (KPI) to maintain deadlines, cost and quality goals
  • Project-related quality management (PQM)

Building information modeling (BIM)

  • BIM coordination
  • Use of BAM method with IFC interface (open BIM)
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Quality assurance (QA)

  • Project audits and reviews
  • Risk management
  • Project-related quality management (PQM)
  • Building side controlling
  • Monitoring quality, permits and troubleshooting
  • Second opinion
  • Status reports

Business optimization

  • Analysis of relevant energy cycles
  • Identification of potential savings, preparation of a catalog of measures (based on cost/benefit)
  • Implementation support
  • Assessment of savings

Simulations for Real Estate and Energy Projects

In the field of real estate projects, it is necessary today to do more than just comply with the regulative standards. Our goal is to help ensure that you get a building that is designed to meet your needs.

Find out from the very beginning how your building will react and how it will work. We achieve this by putting the building to the virtual test and provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making. For this, we prepare proofs of functionality and comfort by means of thermal building simulations and room air simulations (CFD), among other things for

  • Summer thermal insulation of real estate
  • Simulations for energy networks
  • Simulations for delivery systems for heating and cooling
  • Simulations for low-tech real estate
  • Simulations for parking ventilation systems
  • Simulations for smoke extraction concepts

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