Project Management Infrastructure

Direct management of projects for builders, builder representation and general construction manager are three of our primary services. We assume managerial tasks in accordance with your needs.

Project management for builders – The client’s control center

As a builder project manager, we manager projects over the entire planning and implementation process. This is normally accomplished on-site at the client’s business within their corporate organization. 

  • Coordination between buyers and builders
  • Define and manage decision-making and escalation processes
  • Provide communication resources for the project and involve third parties
  • Management of project engineers and site managers
  • Management of lines of participation and complaint handling

Owner representation – Outsourcing operative tasks

In the role of a builder representative, we independently represent your interests in a number of tasks. Represent the builder to purchasers, planners, companies and third parties 

  • Fine-tune project success and quality factors through early stakeholder involvement
  • Consensus building, active problem-solving

General construction manager – Effective key to implementation

As a general manager for building projects, we assist you with the resource-intensive implementation phase. Our services include: 

  • Coordination and management of site managers
  • Contact with responsible agencies and third parties
  • Risk and quality management / Contract and follow-up management
  • Accounting and cost control

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