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We offer professional consultation and support with your building project, and track costs, scheduling and quality in a variety of roles while representing your interests. We remove the uncertainty from your project and stress from your work, and offer a variety of construction, organizational and project-specific skills.

Project management and owner representation

  • Overall project supervisor for the builder in the role of a line manager
  • Regular reports to the builder
  • Contact for planners, contractors and third parties

Owner advisory and owner support

  • Provide support to the general supervisor for the builder as an independent field office
  • Share tasks with the project supervisor
  • Project coordination and administration
  • Monitoring the schedule, performance and cost
  • Service provider acquisition
  • Energy and technical consultation
  • Facility management during planning and construction
  • Investment, operation and lifecycle costing
  • Layout optimization
  • Integral testing and acceptance
  • Project quality management

User and operator representation

  • Manage and coordinate the builder’s users and operators
  • Create document and implement all user and operator requirements (stakeholder management)
  • Maintain user and operator organization
  • Moderate conflicts over goals

Building information modeling (BIM)

  • BIM consultation and strategy
  • BIM requirements specification
  • Procure BIM services
  • BIM quality assurance
  • BIM manager for the builder

Quality assurance (QA)

  • Project audits and reviews
  • Risk management
  • Project-related quality management (PQM)
  • Building side controlling
  • Monitoring quality, permits and troubleshooting
  • Second opinion
  • Status reports

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