Value Chain Management

Disruption, volatility, unpredictability, increasing complexity and rapidity as well as increasing regulatory requirements - the demands on value chains have increased enormously. This makes a transparent and resilient value chain all the more essential. Only those who are resilient and agile can react quickly to changing conditions and gain a competitive advantage.

An effective and efficient value chain is based on stringent concepts, systematic decisions and continuous improvements. We support you from the optimisation of individual processes and plants to the design of your entire production network - from suppliers to customers, from product ideas to after-sales service.

To do this, we analyse your initial situation, define goals and objectives, work with you to develop feasible optimisation measures and support you in their sustainable implementation and organisational anchoring.

Take advantage of our experience and proven methods - together we will increase the competitiveness and profitability of your company.

We Support You with Our Following Services:


Effektives Bestandsmanagement
Supply Chain Kostenoptimierung
Supply Chain Steuerung
Pre-Phase-ERP Transformation
Supply Chain Planung und Einführung S&OP
Supply Chain Assessment
Produktionsplanung mit APS-Software

Global Production Footprint 

You intend to improve more than individual processes and locations and thus use more comprehensive optimisation levers across your entire production network to maintain or strengthen your global competitiveness. We support you in optimising your footprint as well as the cross-site division of labour and collaboration. This enables you, among other things, to optimise your costs and improve your flexibility towards the customer:

  • Strategic overview of your locations and their capabilities, roles and development potentials.
  • Organisational structure and footprint of your production network
  • Exchange of production capacities and competences as well as cooperation between locations
  • Ideal standardisation and centralisation of processes, decisions and systems
  • Network-internal supply chain and work content incl. resilient make-or-buy considerations
  • Definition and support of strategic outsourcing projects

Supply Chain Management

With our wide range of expert knowledge, we support you in aligning your processes with the different requirements and needs of your customers and sales channels, in empowering your organisation and in using technologies and IT tools profitably.

  • Supply chain assessment to identify starting points for optimisation
  • Review and development of the supply chain strategy
  • Segmentation and differentiation of supply chain models
  • End-to-end capacity and flexibility management
  • Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SI&OP)
  • Increasing transparency and steerability of the supply chain


In times of an uncertain supply situation, the central task of purchasing - to ensure the availability of materials and resources in the field between "costs, quality, deadlines" - is a major challenge. Since taken decisions have a direct impact on profitability, the improvement of procurement is an important lever to ensure the future sustainability of a company.

With our structured and proven approach, we support you in identifying the right levers, developing customised solutions and unlocking potential.

Excerpt from our service portfolio:

  • Purchasing strategy
  • Purchasing organisation and processes
  • Commodity group and supplier management
  • Supplier networks and supplier relationship management
  • Make-or-buy and strategic sourcing decisions
  • Procurement management and reporting

Operational Excellence & Productivity Management

Competitive costs and reliable factories are essential factors to remain globally competitive.

We support you in reducing costs, increasing performance and making your factory streamlined:

  • Production system and shop floor management
  • Performance control and key figure tree
  • Factory planning, material flow and layout optimisation
  • Optimal production control
  • Digitalisation and IT management
  • Optimisation of cost structures and targeted efficiency increases
  • Process and cycle time optimisation

Business Process Management

You aim to increase your competitiveness through effective and efficient processes and make the most of your staff and assets.

We support you in reducing costs, throughput times and system breaks, in differentiating structures and processes and making them more flexible, thereby improving your productivity:

  • Process management, organisation, tools and governance
  • Process analysis and modelling based on current requirements
  • Harmonisation of end-to-end processes
  • Implementation of business excellence in business processes
  • Process optimisation and automation
  • Process performance measurement and productivity assessments

Innovations- and Productmanagement

You intend to improve the innovation performance in your company and create the necessary conditions for this.

We support you in improving the planning, management and implementation of innovations in new and existing product portfolios, thereby shortening your time-to-market and achieving higher innovation rates and lower product and development costs:

  • Adaptation/development of innovation strategy
  • Assessment/improvement of innovation management
  • Product technology portfolio management and product range optimisation
  • Design of innovation management by means of a Helbling innovation map
  • Development processes and (global) R&D organisation

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