Detailed design

In the detailed design of a product, our specialists deal with the integration of verified subsystems into an overall system that can be manufactured without errors. Specifically, this requires detailed knowledge and skills in the areas of mechanical development (CAD), software development, electronics development, and production. Depending on the system and requirements, complementary know-how must be available in other technologies such as plastics engineering, optics or fluid mechanics and many more. By combining this knowledge, we achieve the optimal result for an overall product for you with regard to design, construction, and software.

Through the targeted use of various methods such as FMEA, DFMA, Six Theta, FEM, tolerance analyses, UX, and many more, we ensure during detail engineering that the product can be manufactured with optimum quality and functionality at the lowest possible cost. This also includes testing individual functions or assemblies using appropriate prototypes and setups, if required.

In addition, detail engineering can only succeed if proven processes are applied and control and coordination are optimally organized between all parties involved. We pay particular attention to this. This is also important because it is the only way to ensure that the needs of engineering, industrial design, production, after-sales and quality assurance are adequately taken into account.

Core services

Product development & 
detailed design 

  • Requirements management
  • Quality engineering in development
  • FMEA
  • DFMA
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Design to cost
  • Test planning
  • DOE
  • Test definition
  • Data acquisition & processing
  • Reliability engineering
  • System understanding
  • Physical modeling of mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, and pneumatic processes

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