neos ® – a window to the brain


machineMD is a Swiss MedTech start-up company that is developing  a diagnostic device for ophthalmologists and neurologists. machineMD’s product, a neuro-ophthalmoscope called neos®, is designed to monitor or diagnose neural disorders.

 machineMD’s technology is based on research conducted at the Eye Clinic of the Inselspital – Bern University Hospital. neos® presents visual stimuli to each eye individually and measures the response of each eye, such as movement and pupil dilation. The device performs a full neuro-ophthalmic examination within 10 min instead of today’s 60-min manual examination that can detect diseases affecting the visual pathway and the brain.


Key Figures

  • Concept development
  • Make or buy analysis for hardware components
  • Development of a PC software, incl. user interface
  • Control of virtual reality headset
  • Connectivity to cloud backend
  • Support for user experience and usability studies
  • Design control according to ISO 13485

Our Contribution

Our contribution ranged within the framework of an Innosuisse project from the preparation of a development plan, adaptation of an off-the-shelf VR headset, software development and UX design following interviews with physicians. We also supported machineMD in coordinating activities within their network and ensuring product development for a medical device in accordance with ISO 13485.

Thanks to our business model, we fostered a good collaboration within machineMD’s partner network. Our project team transferred the knowledge gained during development to machineMD, enabling our client to continue product development autonomously.


Thanks to the successful collaboration within machineMD’s partner network and the potential of its technology to radically improve the early diagnosis of brain disorders, machineMD was able to close an oversubscribed funding round and has launched the product.


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