Financial transparency - conception and implementation for a food producer

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, concrete measures were derived. The resulting package of measures, "Financial Transparency", was successfully implemented under our leadership.Together with our client, concepts - adapted to the specific circumstances of the company - were created and implemented.


Our Services

  • Comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the company and derivation of concrete, realisable measures.
  • Concept and implementation of a new article costing (incl. adaptation of work plans in the ERP, overview for internal cost calculation as a basis for costing, calculation of hourly and machine rates etc.)
  • Development and introduction of a new article master data concept
  • Concept for the creation of a product portfolio as a future-oriented basis for decision-making
  • Revision of the value flows in article purchasing in order to be able to compare purchase prices on an equal basis
  • Development and creation of the data basis for the compilation of management-relevant company key figures
  • Concept and content of management reporting
  • Know-how transfer in the areas of controlling and costing


  • Significant increase in transparency in purchasing, sales, inventory and quoting.
  • (Data) bases were created in order to make strategically correct decisions.
  • The measures recommended for the other areas were implemented independently and led to significant savings.


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