Development of a growth strategy for the core division of an electrical and electronics company

The core division, which accounts for around 50% of the sales of our customer in the electronics / electrical industry, developed strongly sideways with a high margin. The Board of Directors and management saw the business as a skimming off rather than a growth strategy - due to the lack of prospects. We were asked to work with the global management team to examine whether there were any growth options after all and, if so, how to exploit them.


  • Formulation of the growth and earnings ambitions in the management team

  • Implementation of internal and external strategic analyses

  • Creative development of growth ideas along the Helbling growth model

  • Evaluation, prioritisation of growth ideas

  • Consolidation in growth initiatives with implementation planning and execution


Over a project period of around six months, eight growth initiatives were formulated in business cases and approved by the Board of Directors: Of these, three related to the development of new technologies, three to the intensive penetration of growth markets, one to the development of a new target market and one to the improved processing of sales intermediaries. In four years of implementation, the potential of the initiatives will enable an increase in sales of around 50%, with a slightly increased, high EBIT margin.


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