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Conception and creation of a CO2 -calculator for the decarbonization of a vehicle fleet

Sersa conducts a comprehensive evaluation to minimize the CO2-footprint of its existing fleet of specialized and heavy vehicles. This is achieved through the modernization, retrofitting, and adaptation of the vehicle fleet.

To establish a comprehensive, technically sound, and unbiased basis for this measure, Helbling initially conducted a holistic analysis of all vehicle data. Based on these findings, our expert team developed a variety of technical concepts for the vehicle fleet, considering alternative propulsion concepts such as battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, diesel-electric, and conventional diesel with HVO content.

For the evaluation of these concepts, Helbling designed an interactive tool. This allows for comparison of the CO2-emissions of the different propulsion variants as well as a flexible composition of the fleet. Additionally, the life cycle costs of these systems are calculated and presented in a clear manner.

The investigation encompasses the following aspects:

  • Retrofitting or new construction
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • End-of-life

The developed tool now serves as a decision-making aid for the client's future CO2-strategy and associated investments.

Key Figures

  • 17vehicle types
  • 80selectable configurations
  • 5propulsion concepts per vehicle
  • Our Contribution

    • Conception of powertrain variants for various vehicle categories
    • Dimensioning the power electronics components of the respective powertrain configurations
    • Quantification of the corresponding CO2-emissions using Ecoinvent
    • Aggregation of the relevant costs for capital expenditures and ongoing operational expenses
    • Development of an interactive calculation program


    The customer has been provided with an interactive tool which enables the conception of various fleet configurations and evaluates them in terms of their CO2-emissions and financial expenditures. Both the monetary aspects and environmental impacts are calculated over the entire lifecycle of the fleet, with careful consideration given to production, operation, and end-of-life.


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