ReFerence Project

Software Development for Power Electronics

A supplier from the automotive industry develops control units and modules for control of power electronics assemblies with high electrical power. Among other things, these are electrical motor control units implemented as modular PWM controllers, which regulate the output current for the motor depending on the setpoint.

Helbling develops the complete embedded software for the electronics, including driver layer, control algorithms and all monitoring and diagnostic functions. The software is developed through various sample phases until it is ready for series production.

Key Figures

  • Current with 12V or 18V output voltage
  • Maximum output current 50A
  • Switching rate 18kHz
  • PWM interface with 1kHz or LIN
  • Error detection with error message
  • Detection of blockage and short circuit
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring

Our Contribution

  • Requirements development and documentation in the first project phase

  • UML-based software architecture and design using Enterprise Architect

  • Eclipse-based environment for implementation and verification

  • Unit tests using VectorCast and static code analysis with Axivion

  • Verification and validation measures according to automotive industry quality standards


The software is developed as platform version and successfully released for series operation in the vehicle. Helbling also creates software variants for various OEMs and implements customer-specific functional extensions. The software development requires a high degree of technical coordination between Helbling and the customer, who develops the hardware as a Tier 1 supplier and is responsible for the overall system.


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