Global Supply Chain Concept

The company does business in the field of sanitary technology and has a stable, above-average sales and turnover growth. 
To date, its main markets have been in Germany and Europe. Production capacities were planned at new locations to enable strong future growth that would be driven globally and include almost all possible sales markets around the world. 


Our Services 

  • Planning scenarios for expanding production capacities at new locations

  • Aligning the global supply chain footprint to the corporate strategy

  • Optimising margins by using the most competitive cost structure possible while complying with high quality standards

  • Determining a step-by-step, flexible and risk-optimised procedure when expanding production

  • Creating the strategy and implementation concept for provisioning production capacities in the transition period

Our Achievements

This supply chain concept successfully adapted the new production capacities to the globally oriented growth strategy. 

Production expansion at new locations made it possible to improve margins further and comply with high quality standards.

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