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Software Development for Control of Solenoid Valves

A supplier from the automotive industry develops ECUs and electrical modules for controlling and diagnostic functions in the power train. One of these functions includes the regulation of solenoid valves.

Helbling develops the complete embedded software for different variants of a valve regulating device as part of a combined control unit. Helbling implements the driver layer, valve control algorithms, and all monitoring and diagnostic functions.  

Key Figures

  • Two microcontrollers with synchronized inter-processor communication via SPI
  • Processing of setpoints via LIN interface for valve current control
  • Required high precision in control leads to hard real-time requirements
  • Continuous measurement of supply voltage, current flow and chip temperature
  • Diagnostics including diagnosis message via LIN and failure reaction

Our Contribution

  • Requirements development and documentation

  • UML-based software architecture and design using Enterprise Architect

  • Eclipse-based environment for implementation and verification

  • Unit tests using VectorCast and static code analysis with Axivion


The software shall control characteristic current curves with high precision, so there are very direct interactions between the software functionality and the vehicle's operating and environmental conditions. This requires a high degree of technical coordination between Helbling as software developer, the client as hardware developer, and the OEM as the party responsible for integrating the valve module into the vehicle.

In the context of this development cooperation, the software is fully developed and optimized as a result of system and vehicle tests. During the final testing at the end customer, change requests are incorporated into SW development via a formalized change management. The application of ASPICE process principles supports transparency and the successful completion of the project.


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