Scenarios for the optimal consolidation of a wholesaler's warehouse network

Our client, a wholesaler in the construction supply industry, operates a network of numerous warehouses and hubs to cover the whole of Switzerland within a reasonable time. He wants to achieve at least the same level of service with fewer locations and lower costs. We evaluated various scenarios for the possible design of the network, including an assessment of the costs and CO2 emissions. 

Our Services

  • Analysis of the current network structure of warehouses and hubs (storage areas / technology, deliveries)
  • Development of several scenarios for possible network structures with fewer warehouses and hubs.
  • Quantitative modelling of factors influencing investment /operating costs and CO2 emissions
  • Estimation of the synergy potential per scenario (warehouse consolidation, warehouse automation)
  • Qualitative utility value analysis for a holistic comparison of the scenarios
  • Recommendation for action for the future design of the warehouse or logistics network

Our Achievements

Based on selected scenarios, a favourite could be chosen using quantitative and qualitative criteria. This scenario had favourable investment and operating costs as well as a good service level. 

Due to the partial reliance on existing locations, capable employees can be retained. In a joint follow-up project, the feasibility will be examined in more detail and a detailed concept will be developed.

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