Synergy potentials in the area of Research & Development (R&D)

Our client has acquired a majority stake in a medium-sized medtech company with around 20 locations worldwide and customers in over 150 countries. We identified for our client the potential synergies in R&D and technology development.


Our Services

  • Identification of deviations in the innovation and development projects
  • Elaboration of which technologies are required for future products and which gaps exist
  • Presentation of improvement potentials in the company-wide R&D organisation incl. technologies, platforms and standardised tools
  • Definition of a uniform, integrated stage-gate innovation and regulatory process as a basis for cross-location and interdisciplinary project work
  • Sharpening the role and responsibility of product management in cooperation with R&D
  • Illustration of the patent situation with reference to the most important global players in the market

Our Achievements

The client received transparency about the current R&D landscape and a decision-making basis for the definition of focal points/targets. The future cooperation between the companies in the area of R&D and in the implementation of the technology/project roadmaps as well as the patent strategy were defined in a binding manner. 

Technology gaps were identified and can be closed with targeted acquisitions.

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